House Rules adopted by the Executive Board are intended for the administration of the club, and shall be considered Standing Rules. They shall remain in force and be binding upon successive executive Boards unless rescinded or amended. A copy of these rules is posted in the club house.




1. Boats will dock only with the permission of the Port Captain. They will tie up at the Port Captain’s direction or the dock master assigned to the duty.

2. Boats tying up will stern in. When strong winds or currents are present, dinghies, houseboats, or single crewed vessels may side tie to ensure safety provided dock space is available.

3. Scheduled Cruise-In Yacht Clubs, or parade participants will have first priority for dock space.

4. Boats may not be washed, painted, or undergo major repairs at the docks.  Fueling is prohibited at the docks due to insurance restrictions.

5. Swimming or fishing is not allowed from the docks.

6. Non-reciprocal club boats will pay a fee for overnight docking. The Port Captain will maintain a current list of Non-reciprocal clubs.




1. Only approved items will be posted on the official Bulletin Board.  Any officer may approve items of timely interest. Profane, suggestive, or discriminatory articles are not allowed.

2. Pet are not allowed in the clubhouse.

3. Smoking is not permitted in the clubhouse

4. Members who wish to purchase dinner without reservations may do so on a first-come first-served basis after those members with reservations have been accommodated.

5. Members with meal reservations who are a no-show will be billed by the treasurer, unless reservations are cancelled at least 24 hours in advance.  Cancellations by phone must be made to a member of the board.

6. Alcoholic beverages served in the clubhouse may be consumed only in the clubhouse or on the docks.  Beverages carried onto the dock must be in an unbreakable container.

7. Alcoholic beverages purchased outside the clubhouse may not be brought into the clubhouse.

8. Minors (under 21) are not allowed to be seated at t bar, or to be in close proximity to the bar.

9. Minors are not allowed in the club house after 10pm.


Dress Code and Conduct:


16. Persons wearing a swim suit (without a cover up) and/or have bare feet will not be allowed in the clubhouse.

17. Gentlemen are requested to wear a shirt with sleeves and remove their hats when meals are being served.

18. Offensive T-shirts or hats with profanities or gestures are not allowed in the clubhouse. Excessive offensive language is not allowed in the club house.

19. Sponsors must be present with their guests at all times. Visitors will sign in and wear a visitors nametag when in the clubhouse. A nominee for membership whose application is duly posted may enjoy the privileges of the clubhouse without a sponsor present provided the applicant signs in and wears a name tag.

20. Members are encouraged to wear nametags to facilitate social amenities. However, nametags are not mandatory for members.


Parking Vehicles:


21. Members and guests are required to park their vehicles within the markers on the upper levy parking area.

22. Members and their guests that are onboard their boats overnight, either at the Club Docks or away on a cruise out must park their vehicles in the lower parking lot.

23. Parking spaces market “OD”. “Commodore”, and “Handicapped” are reserved and should be kept clear for their designated use.

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