Text Box: Membership Chairperson:  Ginny Pierce 
NCPCA Delegates:  Jack Praytor & Les Coe
PICYA Delegates: Roy Hope***, George McElvain**, Jon Rensen*** & alternate Bob Usher
IOBG Delegate:  Sue Olsen***
Safety Officer: Roy Hope***
Coast Guard Auxiliary Liaison: Jim Senior
Sunshine Editor:  Pam Allen***
Web master: Ruben Becker
Cross Currentís Editor: Lauren Cirimele
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 	                                 Problems. Changes. Questions
	                                           Email: sjyc.org	
                                                              Dinner & Event Reservations:  (925) 684-2390

Text Box: Jerry Hedgecock
Fleet Captain
Text Box: Andy Rowland
Text Box: Kelly Williams
Text Box: Craig Morrison
Port Captain
Text Box: Mary Centoni
Text Box: Lauren Cirimele
Text Box: Jeff Irvine
Master at Arms
Text Box: Patricia Atkins 
Vice Commodore
Text Box: Keven Houde
Text Box: Yvonne Morrison
Rear Commodore
Text Box: Sandy Smith
Text Box: Phil Shelp

PO Box 326 - 550 Riverview PlaceóBethel Island, CA 94511 (925) 684-9985

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Pam Allen

Staff Commodore