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San Joaquin Yacht Club is a member and proud participant in the NCPCA, PICYA and IOBG.

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Meals on Wheels

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November 11th ~ Veterans Day Event / 4pm

Wreath Ceremony -- Bring Memorabilia to Share

Dinner 5:30 ($12) - Jimís Famous Chili Verde, Refried Beans, Rice, Tortillas & Dessert

Veterans Eat Free

November 17th ~ Friday Night Dinner ~ 7pm ($12)

Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Corn, Rolls, Salad & Dessert (Chef Sandy)

November 18th ~ Western Night !! ~ 7pm ($25)

Dinner !! Live Band !! Dancing

RSVP and Make Reservations Now

BBQ Ribs, Calico Beans, Stuffed Potatoes, Confetti Corn Salad (Chef Marilyn)

November 19th ~ Historical Society Event ~ 2-6pm

All Welcome - RSVP To Jody Merriam by 11/13

$20 Turkey Dinner with all the Trimmings (Chef Robert)

November 25th Weekend ~ Happy Thanksgiving ~ <no events>

December 1st ~ Friday Night Dinner ~ 7pm ($12)

Tri-tip Sandwiches, Sides, Salad & Dessert (Chefs Jeff & Stephanie Irvine)

December 2nd ~ SJYC Change of Watch ~ 6pm ($30)

Cocktails 6pm ~ Dinner 7pm ~ Dancing w/DJ Dino Piquero

Shrimp Cocktail, New York Steak, Baked Potatoes, Veggies, Salad & Dessert (Chef Robert)

December 8th ~ Friday Night Dinner ~ 7pm ($12)

Pot Roast, Mashed Potatoes, Corn, Rolls, Salad & Dessert (Chefs David & Kathleen Stein)

December 9th ~ Christmas Lighted Boat Parade (Public Welcome) ~ ($10)

Lasagna, Caesar Salad, Garlic Bread & Dessert (Chef Robert)

December 15th ~ Xmas Sweater Night (Ugliest/Best) ~ 7pm

Friday Night Dinner Coming Soon